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Nicole Restifo

Nicole Restifo is an industry veteran with over 25 years production experience who sets the bar high because she is passionate and committed to design integrity.


She has partnered with agencies, design boutiques, in-house shops, printers and entrepreneurs, to bring their vision to life. She advises on file prep to help you get the result you want from your final printed piece - on time and on budget.


Nicole’s strategy is simple - to make your life easier. 


Tell her your vision and she will  bring it to life.  Nicole asks the right questions, puts together the best possible team, negotiates pricing, then coordinates and oversees every part of the process: comp, proofs, printing, assembly to final delivery - on time & within budget!


Nicole loves what she does and it shows. When you partner with Restifo Graphics, you can expect creative networking, a positive attitude and the highest level of attention to detail.

When Nicole and I work together, my blood pressure automatically comes down. I’ve never worked with any production supervisor who better understands the connectivity between layout, design, printing, production and delivery. Nicole is a true partner at every step of the printing process: she knows more about paper stock than anyone. She will look at rough designs very early in the process and bring ideas that make them better. She can look at a final comp and predict what, if anything, will give trouble once on press. And of course, during production, she’s there to supervise every step of the process. It’s not easy balancing the needs of creatives, clients and printers, while also keeping an eye on the deadline and the budget--but that’s what she does on every job. We’ve worked together for 20 years and she has delivered nothing but the highest quality work on every job.

Brian Wheeler, VP, Creative Director at M Booth

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